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Create an Umbrella Event in Pro

Create an Umbrella Event

  1. Log in to Scheduling@Cornell Pro Interface with your NetID and password.
  2. Select Create an Event
  3. Enter as many details as you can. This will help the reviewers make sure that you have the right location and everything you need. 
  4. Enter your Event Name. This is the name you and others will use in Scheduling to find your event.
  5. Enter your Event Title. This is the public title of your event.
  6. Select Umbrella as the Event Type from the drop-down list.

  7. Select the Primary Organization from the drop-down list. This is the organization that will be holding the event.

    You can filter the list by entering the first few letters of the organization name.
  8. If the Primary Organization is not part of the Cornell Community (e.g., Red Cross), you must select a Cornell Sponsoring Organization from the drop-down list. This list can be filtered in the same way as Primary Organization. 

  9. Since this is the Umbrella event, you enter “1” for the Expected Head Count; you enter the headcount for each sub-event that is related to this event.
  10. Enter your Event Promotional Details, if desired. If your event is publicized on university event calendars, this is the description that will be used.  This information is public.
  11. Under Date and Time, indicate the start and end times of the event itself (e.g., curtain time for a performance).
    • Select your start date.
    • Select your start time.  Select your end time.
    • For a multi-day event, uncheck the box called The event begins and ends on the same day.  Never use this feature to book setup and takedown time over multiple days for the Umbrella event. Use the SetupPre-EventPost-Event, and Takedown times to request hours outside of the actual event duration for each sub-event.
  12. Under Locations: This is the campus where the umbrella event will take place.  Under Search for Locations, enter Ithaca Campus Event, Geneva Campus Event, or NYC Campus Event, and select the location from the search results.
  13. Select Request, in the row for the location you want.
  14. Under Please attached any layout or additional information needed for your room reservation, attach all master documents containing sub-event information, sub-event activities, permits, etc.  You attach a file by selecting Choose File and attach your file from your computer or stored documents.  The more information you can provide for schedulers and reviewers, the more likely you will have a successful event. You may attach up to five files to this event. The maximum size for a file is 25MB. File types accepted:
    • PDF, TXT, RTF
    • DOC, DOCX, CSV
    • XSL, XSLX
  15. Under Custom Attributes, answer all required questions. Please note that an Event Registration Form must be submitted.
  16. Under Please enter details of your event: list event details, any food that will be present, room setup needs and audio-video requirements. Enter as much detail as you can about your event, instructions about how you would like the location set up, and whether you need any additional equipment, furniture, or services such as custodial or A/V support.
    Best Practice:  Submitting incorrect or inaccurate information will delay your event registration process.  Describe any major components of the event that university officials should be aware of; include any decoration, lighting equipment, special effects, and sound equipment. Please be specific and include all the details and items. If items are not listed here, they will not be permitted to be part of your event.
  17. Select Save.
  18. Complete the Event Registration Form.
Once the Umbrella Event is completed, meaning the Event Registration Form and Event has been approved, sub-events can now be created and related to the Umbrella Event reference number.