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University Events Team (UET)

The University Events Team (UET), formerly Events Management Planning Team (EMPT), is a group that can assist you with the planning of your events. UET is made up of representatives from various offices throughout the university including Conference & Event Services, Campus Activities, Cornell Police, Environmental Health & Safety, Risk Management & Insurance, Parking and Transportation Services, and University Relations.

UET meets on Thursdays at 3:00 pm (as needed) in the CU Police Department Conference Room in Barton Hall. These meetings allow event planners the opportunity to consult directly with university officials about their events, and often result in obtaining approvals for their Event Registration Form(s).

Note: UET members meet on an as-needed basis throughout the year with students, faculty, and staff who are planning events. Email UET or call (607) 255-2070 for more information regarding the UET meeting schedule, or to be placed on the agenda for an upcoming meeting.

Planning Ahead is Essential

Completing the Event Request Process early - four (4) weeks before the event for some events and two (2) in advance for others. This allows event-planning experts to better understand the event and better communicate with you. You may be required to meet with the UET and/or its members like Cornell Police, Cornell Dining, Environmental Health & Safety, or others who will assist with the event planning and assess where your event fits into the table below.

Events at Fraternity/Sorority Houses

If your event takes place in a fraternity or sorority house (either private or university-owned), you should not complete an Event Request Form. However, please be sure to register your event with Sorority and Fraternity Life (607) 255-2310.

Changes to your event details

If any details of your event are changed after you have already submitted the form, you will need to speak with the Event Final Approver.  Please contact the Event Final Approver at the Conference and Event Services Office, 206 Robert Purcell, 607-253-8368, or

Members of UET include:

Joe Scaffido (Chair)
Conference & Event Services
221 Robert Purcell Community Center | 

Katelynne Brill
Community Relations
110 Day Hall | | (607) 255-5348

Karli Buday
Campus Activities
523 Willard Straight Hall | | (607) 255-1242

Abby Butler
Media Relations
312 College Ave., Suite A | | (607) 254-4799

Kyle Kubick
University Relations
115 Day Hall | | (607) 255-7117

Linda Mikula
University Communications
245 Day Hall | | (607) 255-1856

Julie Parsons
Facilities Management
116 Humphries Service Building | | (607) 255-3751 

Michael Scott
Cornell Police
Barton Hall | | (607) 255-7304 

Jill Shufelt
Cornell Dining
M Van Rensselaer Hall | | (607) 255-8080

Bartt Smith
Parking & Transportation Services
116 Maple Avenue | | (607) 254-8291

Kate VanLoke
Environmental Health & Safety
201 Palm Road | | (607) 255-5329

Nakeschi Watkins
Risk Management & Insurance
East Hill Office Building, Ste. 110| | (607) 254-1575 

Jessie White
Conference & Event Services
528 Willard Straight Hall | | (607) 254-7491