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Cornell University

Academic Scheduling

Ensuring appropriate classroom assignments and classroom utilization is critical to the academic mission of the University. Academic Scheduling at Cornell University is a collaborative effort among colleges, schools, administrative departments, and the Office of the University Registrar.

Class Scheduling Business Cycle

This page describes the business practices and general timeline related to academic scheduling and the process of assigning rooms to classes.

Department and Class Preferences

To optimize the results of bulk scheduling, departments have the ability to indicate which buildings they generally prefer for class placements, as well as the ability to indicate individual class exceptions to those preferences and class-specific room characteristic/feature requirements. This section describes related configurations and business practices.

Related Policies

Academic and event scheduling is collectively guided by several policies and best practices. See the Space-Related Policies section of this site for additional information.

Roles and Responsibilities

This page provides a high-level overview of the responsibilities shared between Colleges/Departments/Units and the Office of the University Registrar in successfully scheduling classes each academic term.

Systems and Integrations

This section illustrates the integrations and timing of data exchanges between the Course Class Interface (CCI), PeopleSoft, and 25Live.

Registrar Building Codes and Contacts

This section features all the three-letter Registrar Building Codes and the building's support contacts.