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Systems and Integrations

Classes that are expected to be scheduled using the central scheduling system must have a Facility ID code of “25L” indicated in the Course/Class Interface (CCI).

Class information is transmitted from CCI to PeopleSoft by the Office of the University Registrar.

The scheduling system (25Live) directly interfaces with Cornell’s student information system, PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. PeopleSoft updates 25Live with class information within a few minutes of saving a change (between the hours of 6 am and 9 pm). ONLY room assignment updates are loaded back from 25Live to PeopleSoft, again within minutes of saving a change.  Besides room assignments, no other changes should be made to classes in 25Live.

Classroom assignment information is pulled into the Class Roster nightly, typically between 7-8pm.

NOTE: It is not necessary to submit a “trigger” to CCI in order to change a room assignment in 25Live. Changes to room assignments can be made directly in 25Live.
Academic Scheduling software integrations
Academic Scheduling Software Integrations