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Cornell University

Room Type Glossary

There are many things that need to be considered before you reserve a location for a meeting, social gathering, or other activity. Start by selecting the most appropriate location for your activity. 

Select the room type to explore the most appropriate location to reserve.

Meeting or Info Session

A meeting is an event in which a group of people comes together to discuss things or make decisions.  An information session is an event that gives an opportunity to network with other attendees, peers, and possible new recruits.

Banquet or Reception

A banquet or reception is a more formal event that is designed to receive a large number of guests; arranged in honor of a particular person or occasion and typically has food.

Rehearsal Space

Rehearsal or practice space is a suitable location for performing arts groups to prepare for a performance in music, theatre, dance, and related arts, such as opera, musical theatre and film production.

Speaker or Lecture

Speaker or lecture space is a suitable location for an audience to focus at the front of the space on a person or a panel of people speaking or lecturing. 

Social Gathering or Dance Party

A social gathering or dance party space is a large open location that is suitable for larger groups to congregate and participate in dancing and socializing. 

Performance Event

A performance event is an act of staging or presenting a play, concert, or another form of entertainment. 

Tablings/Banners/Displays/Donations/Activity Areas

There are many other reservable spaces on campus for tablings, banner displays, donation boxes, and more. More about tablings, banners, displays, donations, and activity areas