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Log In to Scheduling@Cornell

Cornell’s scheduling software is used to schedule space at Cornell’s different campuses to host meetings, information sessions, dance rehearsals, performances, and much more.  

Scheduling@Cornell Temporarily View-Only

The University has an overwhelming interest in ensuring appropriate 25Live spaces are available for fall classes before any other scheduling occurs. For that reason, access to 25Live is temporarily view-only.

To log in to Scheduling@Cornell you must have a University NetID.  If you don't, read the Don't have a NetID article.

  1. Go to Scheduling@Cornell

  2. Enter your NetID and Password

  3. Confirm with Two-Step Login, if prompted. 


If you have any questions or need assistance with planning an event, scheduling space, or using  Scheduling, please refer to the Event Planning Guides and Getting Help sections of this website.