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Cornell University

Planning Guide and Policies

Before reserving space, take a minute to map out what you are looking to accomplish and know the University policies around space reservations and events. 

  • Event Planning Guide
    The Event Planning Guide will assist you with pointers on successful event planning.
  • Event and Space Policies
    When planning an event, meeting, or program, make sure you are aware and adhere to the University policies on space reservations and events.
Need to make a reservation for a tabling, banners, donation boxes within Appel Commons Community Center, Robert Purcell Community Center, and Willard Straight Hall, read the available resources.


The proper planning of an event includes following the rules established by the owner of the property where the event will be held.  Cornell University, as the owner of the property for many events, has established rules and deadlines that help events to be successful and safe.  Failure to comply with these rules and deadlines will have negative ramifications for individuals or groups responsible for the events.  The consequences could include, for example:

  • Planned events for which deadlines have not been met (including timely filing of an Event Registration Form) may not be approved and, therefore, not permitted on the date, time and location requested;
  • Events held without appropriate approval may result in referrals to the Office of the Judicial Administrator for unauthorized use of university property or other sections of the Campus Code of Conduct;
  • Events that violate rules may trigger provisions of the Contracted Independent Organization form (CIO, for Independent Organizations) or Officer Statement of Compliance (OSC, for University Organizations), including losing benefits associated with being a student organization, temporary or permanent restrictions on sponsoring events, and/or loss of recognition as a student organization;
  • Security costs incurred for shutting down events that did not have authorization or any other safety-management will be charged to the responsible organization or individuals.