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Location Features Glossary

Knowing the features of a location will help when trying to identify a location that best fits the needs of your event.


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ADA - Assistive Listening Sys
ADA - Assistive Listening System
ADA - Assistive Listening System
Amplified mixed audio to assist persons who are hard of hearing; installed induction loop, radio frequency systems, or infrared systems.
ADA - Compliant Teaching Stn
ADA - Compliant Teaching Station
ADA - Compliant Teaching Station
AV system components like touchscreen/button user interfaces, projection screen switches, laptop input plates, etc. mounted on lecterns, teaching station, and wall.
ADA - Wheelchair Accessible
ADA - Wheelchair Accessible
ADA - Wheelchair Accessible
Wheelchair access must be available in all portions of the venue that participants will be using, including the speaker’s area.
AV - Audio Jack
The audio jack is cylindrical in shape, with a grooved tip to retain it,  typically used for analog audio signals.
AV - Blu-Ray Player
A device that plays "Blu-Ray" formatted disk and regular DVDs, and CDs.
AV - Clicker Base
A device to take a classroom poll.
AV - Conferencing; Phone
Conference Phone
Conference Phone
Telephone designed to initiate and conduct conference calls, which enable multiple callers to listen and talk on the same call.
AV - Conferencing; Video
Live, visual connection between two or more people residing in separate locations for communication; includes camera(s), microphone(s).
AV - Conferencing; Web
Online service by which you can hold live meetings, conferencing, presentations, and training via the internet.
AV - Connection; HDMI
Standard, High-definition audio, and video into an HDMI compatible display via HDMI inputs.
AV - Connection; Mini Display Port
Alternative to HDMI, used with computer displays; used on newer Macs and some Windows Tablets.
AV - Connection; USB-C
24-pin USB-C connector system, which is distinguished by its two-fold rotational-symmetrical connector, can also power.
AV - Connection; VGA
Legacy video format for cables, ports, and connectors used to connect monitors to video cards.
AV - DVD Player
A device that plays DVD formatted disks and regular CDs.
AV - Display; Confidence Mon
Confidence Monitor
Confidence Monitor
An additional screen is facing the presenter which mirrors the content that the audience sees.
AV - Display; Flat Panel
An audience-facing display or monitor that uses a thin panel design instead of traditional CRT design.
AV - Display; Flat Panel Multi
Multiple audience-facing displays or monitors that use a thin panel design instead of traditional CRT design.
AV - Display; Interactive
Interactive Display
Interactive Display
Typically a whiteboard with a short-throw projector that connects to a computer, projecting from the computer desktop onto the whiteboard's surface.  Content on the whiteboard also feeds back to the computer.
AV - Document Camera
Document Camera
Document Camera
Also known as a digital overhead, are real-time image capture devices for displaying an object to a large audience.
AV - Mic; Lapel
A wearable microphone used for public speaking applications to allow for hands-free operation.
AV - Mic; Wireless Handheld
A microphone without a physical cable connecting it directly to the sound recording or amplifying equipment.
AV - PA System
PA System
PA System
A system comprising microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and related equipment used to increase the volume of sound.
AV - Projector; Data
LCD Projector
LCD Projector
A permanently affixed device that receives a video signal and projects the corresponding image on a projection screen using a lens system.
AV - Projector; Data Multi
Multiple digital projectors that receive a video signal and project the corresponding image.
AV - Projector; Slide
Slide Projector
Slide Projector
A device for showing photographic slides (i.e. 35mm).  Most commonly found in Art History rooms and some language rooms.  Often located in a cabinet or shelf on the rear wall.
AV - Projector; Slide Multi
More than one device for showing photographic slides (i.e. 35mm).   [Art History rooms, AAP, a few White Hall classrooms and several large lecture halls]
AV - Projector; Transparency
Transparency Projector
Transparency Projector
A projector for displaying a "foil"/transparency onto a vertical screen magnified images of graphic material on horizontal transparency illuminated from below.
AV - Recording; Audio
Space provides audio recording capabilities.
AV - Recording; Video
Space provides video recording capabilities.
AV - Television Service
The room has a television service.
A space with interior seating elevated above the main floor.
Banner Space
A location that has appropriate hardware where banners can be displayed for advertising/publicity. (Ho Plaza, WSH 407, WSH Memorial Room).
Board - Chalk
A space with chalkboard.
Board - Dry Erase
Has physical (not electronic) whiteboard with dry-erase markers.
Board - Greater Than 20 Feet
Length of the chalkboard >= 20', might be summed across multiple boards.
Board - Lined for Music
Board pre-marked with a set of 5 parallel lines for accommodating musical notation(s).
Board - Writing
Space contains a board type of any kind.
Caterer Area
Has adjacent or nearby space for a caterer to prepare/serve food/drink.
Computer - Instructor
Has a fixed computer in the classroom dedicated to instructor use.
Computer Lab - Mac
It is a computer lab with Mac (Apple)  computers.
Computer Lab - Windows
It is a computer lab with Windows (Microsoft) computers.
Exhibit Space
Has a dedicated space that can accommodate a display of art/projects/exemplars.
Flooring - Carpeting
It has a floor that is primarily covered with fiber/fabric.
Flooring - Hardwood
It has a floor that is primarily made of wooden boards.
Furniture - Instr Table/Desk
An instructor can deliver content from a seated position behind a table or desk.
Furniture - Podium/Lectern
An instructor can deliver content from a standing position behind a podium/lectern.  Might be movable or fixed.
Furniture - Tables and Chairs
Tables and chairs present in the room.
Furniture - Tablet Arm Chairs
Chairs in the room have tablet arm desks.
Furniture - Upholstered
Furniture is upholstered.
Key Card Access
Key Card Access
Key Card Access
The room has (University issued) key card access.
Lighting - Dimmable
Dimmable Lighting
Dimmable Lighting
Electric lighting in the room is dimmable.
There are large mirrors in the room that allow a view of performance/practice occurring in the space. (i.e., a room for dancing)
Network - Wired
Internet Access, wired.
Network - Wireless
Internet Access, wireless; only included when the signal is at least 4/5 strength or higher.
Partition Walls
Partition/Divider Walls
Partition/Divider Walls
This room can be divided into multiple areas with moveable partition walls.
There is a piano in the room.
Projection Screen/Wall
Single pull-down screen or wall space suitable for projection.
Projection Screen/Wall - Multi
More than one screen or projection area in the room.
Room Darkening Shades
Room Darkening Shades
Room Darkening Shades
Lighting levels can be adjusted by raising or lowering window coverings.
Seating - Fixed
Fixed Seating
Fixed Seating
The seats are bolted to the floor or the configuration of seating is not meant to be changed.
Seating - Flat
All seating in the room is at the same level.
Seating - Moveable
Moveable Furniture
Moveable Furniture
Seating in the room may be repositioned or rearranged. 
Seating - Tiered
Tiered Seating
Tiered Seating
Seating in the room is not all at the same elevation. Theatre or stadium-style seating.
There is a stage in the room.
Utility - Air Conditioned
The room is air-conditioned.
Utility - Attendee Elec Outlet
There are outlets intended for room users.
Utility - Water in Room
Running water is available in the room.
There are windows(s) in the room.