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Cornell University

Class Scheduling Business Cycle

Class Schedules

In advance of each term, colleges, departments and units determine course offerings and class schedules.  Cornell’s schedule of classes is published in the Class Roster approximately two weeks prior to the pre-enrollment period, in order to provide students with accurate information when creating their schedules.

Large classes are monitored by the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) prior to the pre-enrollment period in order to ensure adequate classroom space is available.

Preparation for Bulk Scheduling

Departments can enter class-specific building preferences, and classroom feature requirements in the Course/Class Interface (CCI) at any time prior to the bulk scheduling deadline.

Some classes have pedagogical needs that require specific rooms.  Departments have the ability to “pre-assign” or “pre-book” these classes during the five business days prior to the bulk scheduling run.  Departments have the responsibility of ensuring that pre-assignments are in compliance with the Instructional Space Scheduling Policy.

Bulk Scheduling

After Departments complete any necessary pre-assignments, and approximately two months prior to the start of the term, OUR begins the bulk scheduling process to place the remainder of classes into rooms.  No class changes in the term are permitted in PeopleSoft while bulk scheduling is in process for that term.

In compliance with Instructional Space Scheduling Policy, OUR will schedule classes into classrooms in the following order:

  1. Large classes (those with expected enrollments of 300 or more)
  2. Gateway courses not already scheduled
  3. The remainder of classes will be scheduled based on expected enrollment (largest to smallest) and the weekly meeting frequency (three or more meetings vs. fewer than three meetings)
  4. Classes approved to meet at non-standard days and/or times

After Bulk Scheduling

To the extent that rooms are available, departments can make adjustments to classroom assignments after bulk scheduling, as needed.

In accordance with the Access to Space for Events Policy, rooms are expected to become available for event use (pending unit approval) as class rooming assignments are finalized, approximately one week into the academic term.