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Event Scheduling

Before you start your request, get familiar with the process, available resources, Scheduling@Cornell terminology, and usage.

To be more accessible, if possible, provide options for remote viewing of your event or meeting (Zoom, webcast, etc.).  Cornell Information Technologies (CIT) provides the following resources:

Reserving a location in Scheduling@Cornell

Step #1 of the CU Scheduling Process
Step #1
  • The Requestor finds a location that is appropriate and available in Scheduling@Cornell.

  • The Requestor submits a reservation request, Event Form, in Scheduling@Cornell.  Once submitted, a reservation request confirmation email is sent to the Requestor.

Tip: To help ensure quick processing of reservations, Requestors are advised to enter as much detail as they can in the reservation request form.

Step #2 of the CU Scheduling Process
Step #2

  • Once the Event Form has been submitted, the request goes to the area's Scheduler queue.  The Scheduler verifies that the requested space is appropriate and available and notes any comments, setup needs, and event activities.  If there are any questions, the Scheduler will reach out to the Requestor.

  • If the space is appropriate and available, the location reservation is approved.  If the reservation has certain activities planned, the University Events Team (UET) will need to review and approve the event as well.

Step #3 of the CU Scheduling Process
Step #3

  • If there are activities that require event activity review, the location is reserved pending the outcome of the event activities review by the UET.

  • If there are no activities requiring review, the Requestor's reservation is approved, and a confirmation email is sent.

  • If there are activities requiring review, the Requestor receives a confirmation for the location reservation only.

If there are no activities requiring review, the Requestor's reservation is complete.

Step #1 of the CU Scheduling Process
Step #4

For reservations that have activities requiring University Events Team (UET) Review Only

  • Reservation requests needing activity review will be submitted to the appropriate University partners for review and approval.  If there are any questions or concerns with the activities described in the event form, the Requestor will be contacted.

  • Once all of the University partners have approved the activities, the event will be approved and finalized.  The Requestor will receive an event confirmation email.

Event Resources

The Event Resource page provides information on what, who, and how to get resources to support the event, meeting, or program you are planning.

Promote your event on the Cornell Event Calendar and on the Student Center digital signage! Send a horizontal (16:9) JPEG image to CC Digital Signage Request at CC Digital Signage Request.

Room Type Glossary

Selecting the appropriate location for your meeting, event, and activities will expedite the reservation process.

Need to make a reservation for a tabling, banners, donation boxes within Appel Commons Community Center, Robert Purcell Community Center, and Willard Straight Hall, read available resources.

Event Categories Glossary

Categories help other users find events when searching and can determine things, such as whether your event is pubic, a student only, or by invite only.

Event Types Glossary

Selecting the appropriate event type is important for reporting and calendaring.