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Scheduling@Cornell Training Opportunities

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New 25Live Schedulers​

25Live Scheduler Training will be offered over the next several weeks; each class runs from Friday to Friday.

25Live Scheduler Training
August September
Aug. 13 - 20 Sep. 3 - 10
Aug. 20 - 27 Sep. 10 - 17
Aug. 27 - Sep. 3

This training is "modularized" meaning there are nine sets of training materials by topic. Modules and activity times vary but I do not expect any module and related activities to take more than an hour (some will take less time) per module. The review session may run as long as 90 minutes. You will need to set aside time to complete the relevant modules and work through the activities prior to the daily review session and attend *all* review sessions. The required review sessions are key to understanding the material, sharing scheduling experiences, and evaluating your progress. 

If you are a new scheduler, please send an email to to signup.

Please note that priority will be given to primary schedulers and those in security groups without an assigned scheduler, then backup schedulers, etc.

Enhanced and General Users

Training and documentation will be available on the Scheduling@Cornell website starting in the Fall semester.