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Event Registration Process

Guidelines for the Event Registration Process

A vibrant campus climate is an essential part of the university experience.  The Event Registration Process assists event planners in connecting with university officials and other university partners to make their event planning experience efficient, painless, and successful. The Event Registration Process encompasses university policies, state and federal laws, department and unit policies, and Scheduling policies and procedures. 

When a request is submitted in Scheduling@Cornell, you are required to answer a few Event Registration questions.  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have acknowledged that you will be having activities that require an Event Registration Form to be completed.  Below is the Event Registration Process and guidelines.  If you have any questions about this process, please email the University Events Team (UET), formerly EMPT.

Tip: Submitting incorrect or inaccurate information will delay your event registration process; be sure to include as many details as you can.  When creating a reservation in Scheduling@Cornell, you can attach layouts, agendas, and much more in the "Please attach any layout or additional information needed for your room reservation," and you can enter in as much detail as you want in the "Please enter details of your event: list event details, any food that will be present, room setup needs and audio-video requirements" area.

Once your reservation has been submitted in Scheduling@Cornell, the Scheduler for the requested location receives the request.  They verify that the location(s) you are requesting is available, appropriate for the activities that you described, and determine whether you need to complete an Event Registration Form based on the answers that you have supplied. If the location you requested is approved, the Scheduler will send the location request confirmation and a link to the Event Registration Form. 

If there are no activities that require an Event Registration Form, your reservation is complete.  If you have any activities that require an Event Registration Form, your location has been reserved but you need to complete the Event Registration Process before your event is approved to take place.
Some events must be registered four (4) weeks prior to the start date, or the event will not be approved. Other events require two (2) weeks advance registration. Visit the Event Registration Form website for more information about deadlines. If you're not sure whether your event should be registered, or are unclear about the deadlines, please feel free to write to us at, or call (607) 253-8368.

Upon completing the Event Registration Form, your event information will be forwarded to the University Events Team (UET) and other university partners who are required to review your event. These reviewers will be able to see all the detailed information that you have entered into Scheduling@Cornell; therefore, it is important to include as many details as possible. If these reviewers have any comments and/or questions, they may contact you by email or phone (note: some offices review Event Registration Form applications in person only, and must-see accompanying materials, such as artwork, etc.). You will have access to view your event's status at all times, including the reviewer's comments and approval status. Information on how to access your event's status is included on the page following the Event Registration Form. Once your event has received all necessary approvals, you will be contacted via email.