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Space Planning Resources

Space is a very visible, fairly permanent, stable and somewhat finite resource. Space creation is the University’s largest single capital investment. Created space obligates the University to significant, on-going operations and maintenance expenses.  Integrated space planning is a vital prerequisite of effective capital planning and implementation of the Campus Master Plan.

In addition, space planning and management enhancements are integral to the University’s Climate Action Plan (CAP). The CAP identifies enhanced space planning as one of the University’s key initiatives in the efforts to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.

A robust space planning and management program are necessary to support the implementation of the CAP green development objectives. A robust program is also necessary to provide adequate and appropriate program space during this capital-constrained period when the University can no longer rely on newly constructed space to meet growth needs. The University intends to manage space in a systematic, purposeful manner, designed to optimize the use of this resource and to advance the mission and strategic priorities of the University.