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Cornell University

Speaker or Lecture

Speaker or lecture space is a suitable location for an audience to focus at the front of the space on a person or a panel of people speaking or lecturing. 

When looking for a location to hold a speaker or lecture, be sure to reserve a location with adequate room at the front for your presenters, has adequate audio-video, and other building amenities.

  • Central Campus - Willard Straight Hall
    • Room 407, Memorial Room
    • Willard Straight Theater, Room 110
    • Art Gallery, Room 413
    • Browsing Library, Room 404
  • North Campus - Robert Purcell Community Center
      • 1st Floor Lounge, Rooms 101-105
      • Room 218, Multipurpose Room
      • Room 203, Wendy Purcell Lounge
      • Room 205, Auditorium, seats  (fixed, tiered seating)
  • North Campus - Appel Commons Community Center
      • Room 303, Multipurpose Room
For assistance with audio-video, lighting, custodial, and other resources and supplies, please refer to the Event Resources page for more information.