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Using the Locations Availability Grid

A helpful way to view the availability of several different locations is to view them in a grid format such as the availability grid.  

TIP: If your screen doesn't have the options listed in the instructions, select 25Live Pro at the top right; this will bring your screen back to your dashboard.
  1. Log in to Scheduling@Cornell.
  2. Select More in the upper right-hand corner.
    First step to viewing the availability grid for locations.
    The first step to accessing the availability grid for locations using the Menu option.
  3. In Select Object, select Locations and select a starred or public search.

    Example of the location availability grid.
    Example of the location availability grid.
  4. In the Location Search, select the starred or public searches that are available to you.  This view presents all locations and their availability by date and time in a grid layout.

To Reserve Space from Here

To reserve a space from the availability grid, select the available space on the date and time of your reservation; this is accomplished by selecting the time range on the grid. 

Please note that the event request form will open with the reservation date, time, and location you have already selected.