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Process an Event Request in Pro

  1. Log in to Scheduling@Cornell Pro Interface.

  2. Under Your Upcoming Events select Events in which you are the Scheduler
  3. Under Name, select the Event Name.
    All columns can be sorted.
  4. Select the Details tab. (Defaults to the last tab you used.)
  5. Review the event details and decide whether the requested location is suitable for the event.
    1. Check whether the estimated Head Count is more than the requested space will hold.
    2. Check whether the event starts after or runs later than 11 pm.
    3. Check whether any Custom Attributes are YES.
    4. Review any other items specific to your location.
  6. Select Task List.
  7. Check the box(es) for the locations you wish to approve or deny
  8. If the location is suitable, select Assing (location assignment only). 


    If it is not suitable, select Deny and skip to step #11.
    You may enter comments in the comments box.
  9. Select Edit Event.
    1. Review all event details and setup fields.
    2. Under Resources, add any requested resources (i.e., audio-video equipment, tables chairs, etcetera)
      1. In the Resources search box, type any letters from the desired resource name.
      2. Select the resource name.
      3. Repeat until all needed resources are added.
      4. Confirm all resources are displayed for the correct dates in the Resource List.
    3. Add any Confirmation Notes (sent to the requestor) or Scheduler's Notes, if needed.
    4. If no Event Registration Form (ERF) is required, Under Event State, set the status to Confirmed.


      If an ERF is required, leave the status as Tentative.
  10. Select Save.
  11. Under More Actions, select Email Event Details to send an email to the user.
    1. Add recipients (Requestor, Scheduler, Self, and anyone else necessary.)
    2. If an Event Registration Form (ERF) is needed, paste the link to the ERF into the Message Body.
    3. Attach additional locations rules or other documents to the message.  Select Include Event Details to add this information to the email.
    4. If you denied the location request, briefly explain your decision to the user.  Suggest an alternate location that would work better.
    5. Select Send.

Recommended: If users do not respond to your email, contact them by phone.